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Address: No.169-1, Wenhua Rd., Longtan Dist., Taoyuan City 32546, Taiwan


TEL: 03-4713093, 03-4714147


Open hours: 10:30am~13:30     16:30~20:30pm


Website: https://www.facebook.com/dynasty.live.fish/


Int.: The main dishes are focused on live fish. The ways of cooking are various, which are suitable for wedding, fine and truly dishes for families. We have the honor to win the “Golden Store” & “First Prize in Banquet Group” at live fish season competition in Taoyuan County.



Traffic Direction:  Exit from the Da-xi or Lung-tam interchanges, and then enter Lung-tam Village in the direction of Shi-men Reservoir. As you go towards the Northern Water Resource Bureau (former Shi-men Management Bureau), we are on the left of the Shi-men police station, opposite Shi-men Elementary School. With over 200 parking spaces is very convenient.



Offered Services: Accepting credit cards, catering services, 200 parking spaces, and the restaurant can be lent for conferences and product exhibitions.




訂席專線:03-4713093   03-4714147   0932110200    傳真電話:03-4714506